After-Sales Policy

After-Sales Policy


1. New Equipment Warranty


The after-sales service for new rigs adheres to the manufacturer's policy, with the warranty period commencing from the date the rig departs the factory. Miners under warranty are eligible for free repairs. In cases where the rig is beyond the warranty period, the manufacturer may impose a maintenance fee.


Our products' warranty is exclusively provided by the manufacturer. For convenient warranty service, we can direct you to the manufacturer's service center. Please be aware that we do not handle after-sales issues for new rigs, and placing an order on our website indicates acceptance of this policy.


To verify the warranty period, please refer to the following websites:


- Antminer: [Antminer Warranty](

- Whatsminer: [Whatsminer Warranty](


Compensation for Delayed Delivery


In instances where the machines are shipped beyond the estimated delivery time, we acknowledge the inconvenience and are committed to providing compensation.


Formula for Compensation: 

Amount of Compensation=Days of Delayed Delivery×Paid Amount×0.1%


We appreciate your understanding and patience in the event of delayed deliveries, and our compensation policy is in place to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.